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Name:For All Your Harry Potter Rare Pairing Needs
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Welcome to hprarepairs! Ever have a hankering for some Lucius/Remus or Percy/Pansy but just can’t seem to find any out there? Then this may just be the community for you! Here at hprarepairs, we are dedicated to shining the spotlight on the less common pairings in the Harry Potter fandom.

What is considered a rare pairing?

A "rare pair" is any couple that is unusual, unconventional, or has a significant lack of fanfic or art dedicated to it. Rare pairs can be made up of two main characters, such a Draco/Neville, or include one or more of the obscure canon characters, as in Orla Quirke/Ernie Macmillan. If you have trouble finding fic or art featuring a certain ship, chances are it’s a rare pairing.

Which pairings aren’t rare pairs?

Due to the sheer volume of fic and art created within the Harry Potter fandom, most pairings have at least something done on them, though some result in significantly larger amounts than others. Here is a list of the more common pairings, many with their own ship specific communities:





  • Membership is open to anyone over the age of majority in their country, and posting access is granted to all members of the community. Due to JKR’s lawyers, and the fact that there will be adult content contained within the community, all members are required to fill out the disclaimer here when joining.


  • Fiction, vids, and art are allowed and encouraged. Slash, femmeslash or het of any rating or genre is acceptable, as long as the main pairing is a rare pair from the Harry Potter fandom. Pairings listed above are not permitted as the main pairing, but that list is in no way comprehensive, so please use your best judgment. Original characters (OCs) may not be used as part of a main pairing with a major character to qualify as a rare pair. If you are unsure of whether your piece qualifies as rare pair centric, do not hesitate to email the moderator.
  • Though beta readers are strongly suggested, they are not required. However, we do require that anything posted here follow basic rules of spelling and grammar. If you need a beta, you may request one at hp_betas.
  • Both the posting of your own previous rare pair work and recommendations of other people’s fic or art are welcome here. Feel free to share your favorite rare pair stories with us. The more rare pair love, the better!
  • Crossovers are permitted. However, at least one half of a focal pairing must be a Harry Potter character. Also, please note that in our community poll on this subject, a substantial minority (30%) requested stories set mainly in the HP world. We're not implementing this as a hard-and-fast rule, but please use discretion. The further away the story is from HP-world, the less likely it is to be suitable for the comm.
  • Off topic posts are not allowed unless permission is granted in advance. While discussion is great, there is already a lovely community, hp_remembrall, set up for just that purpose. All posts here must contain fiction, vids, art, or a recommendation. All other posts will be deleted by the moderator.


  • All art and vids, and all fiction over 100 words or containing adult content must be placed behind a cut tag.
  • A rating (G through NC-17) must be included with every piece of art or fiction. Incest, consent issues, and all other possible triggers, warnings or squicks must be clearly marked. We are very open here, but please use your judgment about whether your entry is in good taste and is compatible with the spirit of rare pairs.
  • Please note that due to increasing legal uncertainty about the treatment of fictional explicit content involving minors, chan is no longer permitted.

  • IMPORTANT! All entries will be archived by pairing using memories or tags, so please label your entry in the subject line using the following format:

    FIC or ART or VID or REC: Title, Pairing, Rating
    (example: FIC: Death Wish, Snape/Walden Macnair, R)

  • Additionally, all fic and art and vid entries should contain the following header:

    Challenge: (if applicable)
    Author's Notes: (optional)

  • If you are recommending someone else’s work, please include the following header, as well as a brief description of why you are recommending this particular piece and a link:


    Because this will be archived by pairing, please include only one fic/art piece per entry. You are welcome to make multiple recommendations.


  • Challenges focusing on a specific character, pairing, or scenario may be issued by the moderator from time to time. While challenge art/fic is encouraged, pieces not pertaining to the current challenge may also be posted at any time.

Additonal notes:

  • Please be courteous to one another. Flaming or trolling will not be tolerated.

    This community is owned by deslea and moderated by ozma_katiebell, lysanatt, and poshlil. Questions, comments, concerns? Please don't assume we're monitoring the comm all the time, so please contact all of us if there are any pressing issues or concerns.

    Please note that while we have fairly comprehensive tags for characters, our pairing and author tags have been added ad-hoc. Also, tags were only introduced in early 2012. Therefore, our tag coverage is spotty. You can help by tagging your own posts, and poking us to add more tags to the list as needed.

    You will be moderated for your first post, which we try to release very quickly. You will be cleared for unmoderated posting once you've made a post (an appropriate one, obviously).

    Disclaimer: All Harry Potter characters and concepts are copyrighted by JK Rowling and Warner Bros. This journal and all content contained herein is for entertainment purposes only, and is not for profit. No intellectual property infringement is intended.
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